Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Russia expresses concern over the spread of ISIS-K influence in northern Afghanistan. Russian officials have said that the increase in ISIS-K operations and activates in the northern Afghanistan has sparked widespread concerns of Moscow, and meanwhile the officials have consistently claimed that USA is trying to support the terrorist group. Responding to Russian sources, Washington, by building bases in Afghanistan, is trying to bring insecurity to the countries of Central Asia and the border regions of Russia.

The first deputy chief of the Russian Federal Security Service said that ISIS-K and other insurgent groups are strengthening in northern Afghanistan, and after the defeat of the group in Iraq and Syria, ISIS-K has now begun to seek new bases in the Northern parts of Afghanistan. Mr Smirnov said that the ISIS-K would be the biggest security threat for the countries of the region and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Russian official continues to emphasize that the terrorist groups have intensified their sabotage activities and are strengthening their positions in Afghanistan, while Russian officials have always warned ISIS-K increasing activates in the north of Afghanistan and this terrorist group is looking for strengthening such acts and in the future this would be a Close a serious threat to regional security.

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