Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

After the heavy defeat of ISIS in Syria, the United States committed itself for withdrawing all its troops from the country. But it is apparent that Washington, contrary to the international commitments, still insists on military presence in Syria. In the most recent case, the Russian Foreign Ministry has stated US presence in Syria illegal by releasing a newsletter, Russian Foreign Ministry newsletter quotes: “Washington is trying to challenge the achievements of the peace process in order to continue its illicit presence in Syria. Therefore, Americans are using Kurdish separatists as a political tool for their own support. ”

In another part of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s newsletter it’s been also highlighted, “if the US and its Western allies are trying to break Syria into different parts using Kurdish separatists, we believe that such moves and efforts have been dismissed without The skepticism of Kurdish separatist efforts to support Western countries leading by the United States would be condemned and such an act would cause to a heavy defeat, so Washington should end seriously its illegal and meaningless presence in Syria. ”

It is said that Syria is currently in the midst of a half-decade of crisis and instability, and currently the superpower states in the region, including Russia, China, and Iran, are attempting to re-establish the Assad regime in this Arab country with any cost.

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