Reporter: Shaker Sangi

The special representative of Russia for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabolov, has announced that Moscow is ready to work on blacklisting the names of Taliban leaders from the blacklist of the UN Security Council.

Kabolove adds that if Taliban leaders were removed from the blacklist, the diplomatic efforts of the group in the Afghan peace process would allow for more freedom and speed. He also said that the removal of the name of the Taliban leaders from the UN blacklist would make the group’s diplomatic efforts in the Afghan peace process more open to action and speed in the peace process.

In an interview given by Mr. Kabolove to the Russian tass News Agency, the name of the Taliban leaders will be removed from the blacklist of the Security Council, which the Afghan government has formally proposed to the council and called for their names to be removed.

Kabolove says that although Moscow is ready to cooperate in this regard, the name of the Taliban leader’s name is blacklisted by the consent of the five members of the Security Council of the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government complained to the UN Security Council about the free movement of Taliban members to Moscow to attend a political summit in Afghanistan and Taliban representatives. The Afghan government has said that some of the Taliban members who participated in the Moscow summit are on the blacklist of the UN Security Council and cannot travel to other countries without the approval of the Afghan government.

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