Pasbanan-      early morning Jalalabad city was evident of violence. Around 9 am several terrorists attack regional office of Safe the Children in Nangarhar province and they carried out their fight for several hours. Now Safe the Children has said: they are postponing their activity in Afghanistan due to insecurity of safety of their employees. According to newsletter published by Safe the Children: “Afghanistan is dangerous place for the children in the world and relief activates are so risky.”

According to news reports 4 attackers launch their operation at 9 pm, first 2 suicide bombers blow up their self in front of entrance gate and other terrorists were able to enter the building. Ataullah Khogyani spokes person of Nangarhar governor told media: “after these two suicide bombers blow their self in front of Save the Children 2 others entered to main building and they carried out their fight with afghan forces. According to reports until now 2 people including one police were killed and around 17 people were injured during the clashes.”

But public health office in Nangarhar told to reporters: “until now they have received 20 injured and one dead from the incident scene.” The local sources told media that first 2 suicide bombers blow their self in front of entrance gate and two other carried a massive attack for several hours. Sources also add: “in neighborhood of Save the Children there is other building which belongs to foreigners it has got fire.” According to Nangarhar police: “4 attackers carried attack on Safe the Children and the fought against afghan forces for several hours.”

The local sources also told reporters: when the attack happened around 50 employees of Safe the Children were present in their office. ISK has claimed responsibilities of this attack, Safe the Children is nongovernmental international organization which is based in 120 countries of the world and it is active from 1919. This organization started its work in Afghanistan at 1976 and right now it is active in 16 provinces of Afghanistan. According to reports this organization is supporting around 700 children in the country.

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