Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The president of the country appointed Amrullah Saleh as the acting minister of the Interior Ministry. Mr. Saleh was previously in charge of the National Directorate of Security (NDS). But with appointing of Mr. Saleh as acting head of the Interior Ministry, it appears that the security agency nature is changed, and the responsibilities of the police have become more and better than ever before.

Mr. Saleh has wrote in his latest Twitter message: ” Our zealous quest for change is simple: kidnapping is frequent, remote outposts are hunted, spoilers & big criminals disrespect the police, politicians encourage dual loyalty, tax evasion is normal & yet the 99.9% of the Afghans say correct it now and today. I obey the latter. ” Mr. Saleh has issued a number of new decrees when he was appointed as acting minister to the Interior Ministry:

  1. Permission of shooting for police and security forces as needed;
  2. No police have the right to enter foreign embassies;
  3. Additional police check posts were removed from Kabul city and police patrol increased;
  4. Police officers are not entitled to enter the wedding parties, holy places and other public places with military uniforms;

But the question here, with coming of Mr. Saleh and the issuance of such commands there would be any change in the security of the country, especially the security situation of the capital?

Najibullah Muajdadi, a university professor, says: “I think it is important in the current state of affairs, since Mr. Saleh has a good background at the national Directorate of Security, and as he is qualified in such posts, he will be able to achieve good results in terms of reforms in the Ministry of Interior and security, to inherit from itself.”

Mr. Najib Danish spokesman of interior ministry said: “With appointing of Mr. Saleh, the citizens of the country will see a lot of changes. We have plans and strategic programs that, if implemented, the security of the country will improve.” “The interior ministry has a security reform program and will soon announce it to the people and the media,” he added.

Appearing of Amrullah Saleh appointment as the head of the Interior Ministry citizens hopes have increased for fulfillment of security in the country. Abdul Ahmad, a resident of Kabul, says, the appointing of Mr. Khalid and Saleh can security progressed.

“As a citizen, I am pleased with the arrival of Mr. Saleh as the head of the Interior Ministry, and I hope that the security of the country, especially the capital, will get better,” said another resident, “Hopes have increased for security in the country, and we hope that changes in the Ministries of National Defense and Interior Affairs will lead to the provision of relative security and peace in the country. ”

The government has appointed two anti-Taliban figures as senior security officials, who are now in talks with the US government, and the group is facing a meeting with its government’s peace talks delegation.

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