Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Saadat

Money brokers of Sara-e-Shahzada launched a large scale protest after the six-year-old Mahsa’s murder, the daughter of Money broker who was killed by the kidnappers in Kabul, these brokers expelled the protest and closed all the money exchanges offices of Kabul and the provinces of the country on Saturday. These money brokers have requested the government to punish the perpetrators of killing Mahsa in the earliest opportunity. It is said that these criminals accuse the government of negligence and add that the government of national unity is unable to address this case.

Sara-e-Shahzada officials have warned the National Unity Government if this brutal case wouldn’t be addressed and perpetrators of this horrible event wouldn’t be trialed at the earliest opportunity, they will never end their strike, but also the will make the protest wider. Meanwhile, Khost residents, who witnessed a large strike of brokers across the city, argued that the Judiciary system to punish the kidnappers as soon as possible.

Mahsa was kidnapped by two kidnappers in Kabul a few days ago. Police say the body of this child was found in a garbage dump. Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior has assured Mahsa’s family that they will soon handle the case, and the judiciary system of Afghanistan will punish the perpetrators of this terrible event.

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