Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

At the commemoration ceremony, of Abdul Ali Marzari’s death anniversary, Mohammad Sarwar Danish, the country’s second vice president, warns that attempts to create an interim government in Afghanistan will disrupt governance. “Unfortunately, our destiny is tied to the war,” said Mr. Danish, “but Abdul Ali Mazari believed that politics of war and monopoly was the factor behind the crisis of Afghanistan, hence he always suggested that the battle would end when the policy of war at The geography of Afghanistan will be eliminated and all ethnic groups in Afghanistan must be respected, according to their status.”

Mohammad Sarwar Danish warns that peace should not be an excuse to forget holding the presidential election. “The peace that has been posed in the current situation should be based on the logic that Mazari wanted, that is, his lack of support for the war, that is, a peace that would lead to the monopoly and excellence of a particular group,” he says. “It is not acceptable for the people of Afghanistan; the Taliban should not think that they will impose their sovereignty on the pretext of their sovereignty on the fate of the Afghan people.”

Danish emphasizes the cessation of war in the country should be implemented as soon as possible, but Zabiullah Mujahid Taliban Spokesman has written in a recent newsletter of the insurgent group: that no agreement has been made on Intra-Afghanistan talks and comprehensive the panel has yet to discuss the talks between the Taliban and the ceasefire.

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