Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

“Afghan citizens are trying to move on the path that Imam Hussein wanted and we want to base our political system of the country as that Imam Hussein wanted,” he added. The election-based political system is ethnic equality and none of the Individual and ethnic superiority. Mr. Danish emphasizes that the accountable government cannot act exclusively and deprive its citizens. “The national unity government is committed to holding transparent and fair elections throughout the country and at all levels, such as parliamentary elections” he added: that the government is accountable for its national unity and also protection of entire Afghan people, I want to emphasize that the citizens of the country want justice, the rule of law and the stabilization of their country. ”

Mr. Sarwar Danish, who attended the tenth day of mourning ceremony of Muharram, insisted that the country leadership should pay attention to the President of the country in a political and security situation in western Kabul and order the relevant authorities to provide more security in the area. Mr. Danish believes that president sees all the citizens equal he added: “Your presence in Barchi west of Kabul is a source of relish to the people of this region. I have witnessed in the past few days that you held several meetings on the security situation in Kabul. And you have shared the results with all residents of the west of Kabul. ”

This official of the National Unity Government also insists that working on the thoughts of people’s can help endeavor to build confidence in securing people and a lasting peace. Mr. Danish has also said that it expects these orders not only to give security forces but also to other institutions, a decisive leadership role in developing a significant amount of attention.

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