Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Independent Election Commission officials arrived at a news conference after the official end of the parliamentary elections. “Nearly four million voters in 4567 centers have used their voting rights to choose their preferred candidate,” said Abdul Bade Sayad, chairman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), along with an announcement of the official end of the electoral process in the 2018 parliamentary elections in 32 provinces of the country. he has said that 33 percent of the participants in the election process are women, and the rest of the participants are men.”

Mr. Sayad thanked all the institutions involved in the elections, including citizens, candidates, observers, political parties, civil society, and the international community in order to their support for successful completion of the election process in 32 provinces. The chairman of the Independent Election Commission also emphasized that Kandahar elections will be held on upcoming Saturday afternoon, and he urged all citizens, candidates and other parties involved in the election to maintain their patience and the showed prevent early announcement of the results and prevent from any kind of judgment before the final results were announced. He stressed that those parties involved in the electoral process should not trust the controversial reports on social networks.

Mr. Sayad also added that after collecting the results of the votes, all details will be available to the mass media to inform the citizens of the country. He assured the House of Representatives candidates that their votes will be protected and that the results will be clearly announced by the commission after reviewing the challenges of the electoral process and holding elections in Kandahar.

But the citizens of the country consider the election to be so weak and insist that the IEC was failed in properly managing this process. One of the main challenges facing the House of Representatives in the country is widespread corruption and the use of force. Voters also emphasize that most of the polling stations do not have election materials, and on the second day of elections, the voting registry was not present in the election centers.

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