Pasbanan-       After months clashes on behalf of absent member of Independent election, finally Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi was appointed as a new member of IEC officially today. On the ceremony of introducing Mr. Hashimi to Independent Election Commission Members once again all commissioners commits that they will not allow any one or any group to interfere their work. Also IEC members commits that they won’t give permission of fraud in upcoming elections, meanwhile they emphasized on protecting afghan voters votes.

According to press release of Independent Election Commission Mr. Hashimi has told the media that confidence building, Attract all the institutions to hold elections, Joint efforts by all parties involved in the election such us security forces, civil society, participation of women in upcoming election, giving amnesty to Independent Election commission employees, transparency, Accountability, and attracting of government for holding election are his top priorities. The new appointed election commissioner also told that he will try his best to protect voter’s votes in upcoming election.

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