Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

School teachers around the country have warned the government to fulfil injustice and pay attention to their economic situation of school teachers. The teachers say the lowest salary of a university lecturer is 25,000 Afns and the highest is 75,000 Afns, but the poorest teacher salary in one month is 6,500 and the highest is 11,000 Afns. Where is justice, while 6 hours of teaching, they are the hardest time to do.”

These teachers continue to emphasize that the government has a deadline for soliciting them on Saturday, otherwise, protest and strike will begin in 34 provinces of the country. The teachers say that, in the first step, the government should pay attention to their salaries and then implement the commitments they have made to improve their life situation as the president and the chief executive of National Unity Government (NUG) has already given to them. Otherwise, with the beginning of the educational year, most students and schools are in a state of the inescapable state of affairs.

These teachers continue to claim that with little money earned by them as their salary which government is paying can’t afford the economic problems of their families, even many of them have the inevitable part of their leisure time from school to private and secular jobs, to support their families.

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