Pasbanan- Kabul

Season’s changes; Sometimes it is winter, sometimes summer. If you are constantly in a climate, you feel irritated. We have to learn what incident happens we should love it, this is called maturation. Must love what it is.

Rawness and lack of maturity are continuous in remains and compulsions; “Must” is just a dream. Everything is fine. Love it and rest in it. When difficulties go on, love them and say goodbye when they go. Everything is changing … Life is in turmoil.

Nothing remains the same. Therefore, sometimes large spaces are available and sometimes there is no place to shake, but both are good; both are attributes of creation. In spite of everything, however, it should be grateful, and that is what is happening now. Maybe tomorrow may change. Then enjoy it. So something else will happen tomorrow, enjoy it too.

Compare the past with futile future. Live in the moment. Life is sometimes hot, sometimes cold, and eventually both are necessary. Otherwise, life will be lost. Life continues on the basis of opposite poles.


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