Pasbanan- Kabul:

Sebghat Arghand Brother of Abdul Manan Arghand, Kabul news journalist which was shot down by the unknown gunman a few weeks ago told PMG: until now the proprietors of killing my brother are not arrested by police. Mr. Sebghat Arghand added: “for reviewing the case of killing my brother and arresting the proprietors of his killing no one has worked. A few days ago I went to the president and asked for the killers, instead, he gives me 1000 dollars and sent me back to Arghand district of Kandahar.”

Abdul Manan Arghand was a local news reporter of Kabul News TV and he was working in Kandahar, he was shot down 3 weeks ago by the unknown gunman. Right now his brother is claiming that no one is serious in this case and everyone is looking for their interest. He adds: “after my brother has shot down Kandahar governor, the Police commander and some members of parliament came to our house, even I went to presidential palace but no one is willing to cooperate with us and they all are uninterested on reviewing this case.”

Mr. Abdul Manan Arghand was killed by the unknown person in a time that currently most journalists are under security treat and they are unable to follow up their duties. At the same time family of Abdul, Manan Arghand Claims that until now no one has supported them to identify the killers and proprietors of killing his brother and this case is unresolved by all parties.

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