Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Secretary of Defense James Mattes has said that the Afghan security forces are seeking to reduce their insider attacks of US troops and their allies when these forces are working with Afghan security and defense forces. Mattes, who was speaking among reporters on Tuesday, emphasized that he had raised this issue with President Ghani during his recent trip to Afghanistan, and Mr. Ghani pledged to take new measures for reducing and save life of foreign force in such events, and these measures will be taken by Afghan Security Forces and Defense Forces.

Insider attacks are more likely to be taken by members of the Afghan security forces and the enemy in the uniform of the security forces, which are considered to be a major threat to foreign forces during conducting training and military operations in ground, although such incidents have subsided in the past few years, but Washington and Kabul are attempting to block the deaths of American troops from effecting such attacks in general. According to reports, a police soldier attacked a US soldier on September 3 which cause killing one member and other one got wounded in the eastern part of Afghanistan, two months ago, an American military trainer was shot dead by an Afghan Police Soldier in the southern province of Urozgan.

Mr. Mattes has also said senior government officials have increased security reviews to identify perpetrators of such incidents while they are providing training opportunities to the local troops. “Extensive efforts are being made to prevent such events,” he said. “Pentagon has put people to work on preventing such events that have got highly training programs to prevent such events. To be clearer, we have been able to identify and arrest people with extreme thoughts. ”

Currently, there are nearly 14,000 US troops are stationed in Afghanistan, and their mission, besides training Afghan security forces, is to prevent the Taliban from advancing their objective in the battlefield. As violence increased in Afghanistan in the coming days, a suicide bombing attack in Nangarhar killed at least 68 people a day ago and injured more than 160 others.

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