Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Extensive operations under the name of Pamir (110) have begun in the outskirts of Kunduz and the insecure districts of the province.

The Pamir 217 corps in the north-eastern zone of the country says the operation is aimed at completely clearing the outskirts of Kunduz and its districts.

The 217 Pamir Army Commander in Kunduz says the operations were launched with the co-operation of Special Forces from the Interior Ministry, Army Commandos and Special Forces National Security Directorate.

He added that the operation was launched to suppress armed opposition from the ground and from the air.

The head of the Interior Ministry’s Operations Department, General Hibbullah Alizi, who leads the operation, has announced the progress of the country’s security forces in the operation.

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