Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

Security officials in Baghlan province say security forces in the province have prevented a major and organized suicide attack.

The 207 Pamir corps said, the 3-suicide bomber were ambushed by security forces when they were trying to detonate an explosives-laden motor vehicle around 4 am today (Wednesday, August 7) ​​in front of the Special Police Unit and Third Army Lodge.

Abbas Tavakoli, commander of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, told the media that before the suicide bombers reached the target, they were identified by security forces and prevented a major attack by detonating the vehicle.

He said no one was killed in the incident, but three suicide bombers were killed.

Suicide and explosive attacks by enemies have increased throughout the provinces of the country, especially the capital. Today, 90 people were injured in a car bomb attack in Kabul and another 7 in Herat.

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