Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Karimullah Ebrahimi

According to the press office of the press office of Samangan province governor, the security chief of the province was killed in a conflict with the Taliban. According to reports, Haji Khawani Taheri died last night when he was fighting with Taliban. Sediq Azizi, the spokesman for the governor of Samangan, affirmed this statement: “Khawani Taheri has been killed with his six soldiers in the district of Darai Soof.” Azizi added: “Two soldiers were wounded in the clash, but there is no report on behalf of Taliban casualties.”

The Taliban claimed in the newsletter that in addition to the assassination of Samangan security head, several police soldiers died in the conflict. A Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has said that in the conflict, eight Ranger vehicles and two Humvee tanks have been with several amounts of weapons of Afghan forces were seized by their fighters. Previously, in the same attack on the district of Sufi Valley, at least 20 policemen and popular uprisings had been eliminated.

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