Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: T.S- Balkh

Acting Heads of national defense and interior affairs ministries, after bargaining with Atta Mohammad Noor in Balkh, have said that Abdul Raqib Mobarez will continue to his work as the newly appointed commander of the Balkh. The security officials of the country emphasize that yesterday’s conflict between Gunmen loyal to Atta Muhammad Noor and Balkh Police Chief was occurred due to a misunderstanding between the two sides. The acting ministers of Internal Affairs and National Defense emphasize that they met with Mr. Noor that the new Balkh commander will remain in his position.

According to acting head of the Defense Ministry, Asadullah Khalid, after a few hours of talks with Atta Mohammad Noor: “As a result of the misunderstanding the problems occurred yesterday, al-Hamdullah today no challenge has been left in Balkh, the new commander under the command of the Balkh Governor, as in the past will continue to their duties, We will pass all consultations from the local authorities of Balkh and also Atta Mohammad Noor to presidential palace, but I must say that there is currently no problem in Balkh. ”

“Police are responsible for preventing such an event from happening in the future,” acting Interior Ministry head Massoud Andarabi said. We are confident that all the forces in Balkh, are in full coordination, will cooperate with the new commander of this province. People of Balkh are confident that such events will not be repeated in the future and that any action that needs to be taken will take place to ensure the security of this province. ”

However, sources close to Atta Mohammad Noor told Pasbanan that the Chief Executive Head of Jamyat Islami has proposed three new options as the commander of Balkh to the presidential palace.

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