Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

The National Security Forces recently launched an operation in Zermatt district Paktia of Afghanistan southeastern province, in which several Taliban militants were killed according to the NDS newsletter which was released after launching this operation. However, after this operation some residents of Paktia claimed that the killed men were not Taliban fighters but civilians were killed in the operation of the National Security Forces in Zermatt district of Paktia province, the claim led to trip of senior security and NATO officials and they went to Gardez, the capital of the province to check these claims.

National Defense Minister Assadullah Khaled, Interior Ministry Chief Massoud Andrabi, National Security Chief Masoum Stankzai, NATO General Commander Scott Miller in Afghanistan visited Paktia and Paktika on Thursday 15 August 2019). They met with local officials of these provinces and talked with them on the occasion of recent claims. The purpose of the trip was to investigate claims of civilian casualties in the Gulal Kuh area of ​​Zermatt district, Paktia province, the Paktia governor’s media office said.

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