pasbanan- Kabul:

Jahangir Anwari

Today Baba Jalandar Hayat was elected as Afghanistan national Athletic federation chief. In election process for position of Federation chief Mr. Hayat and Hamid Malikzada elected their self.

This election process was held under observation of National Olympic officials, Physical education directorate and sports federations’ election observing committee in Kabul, at the end of the election process Baba Jalandar Hayat was elected with a high level of votes and become as head of this federation. Meanwhile Mr. Hayat said: he will try his best to expand athletic sport in the country with all plans he has in hand.

Meanwhile Hafizullah Rahimi, general director of physical education and sports speak about historical background of this sport in the country, he expressed his hope that by electing new chief of this federation, athletics will have further achievements all around the country. He also committed that physical education and sports directorate will support all the sports federation.



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