Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrzad

After the bargaining and the struggles members of the House of Representatives, Mir Rahman Rahmani was eventually elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Following the increased tensions and physical encounters of the members of the House of Representatives, it was decided that the 15-member committee would determine the fate of the House of Representatives, eventually the committee decided to appoint Mir Rahman Rahmani as the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 17th round of Afghan Parliament, and he will chair the legislature body in the country for the next five years.

Mir Rahman Rahmani is one of the elected lawyers of the people of Parwan in the House of Representatives and one of the well-known businessmen of the country who yesterday was elected as the permanent chairman by obtaining 123 votes from the Interim President, but the protest was made by Kamal Nasir Osole, one of the key rivals of Mr. Rahman caused the members of the parliament not to allow Mir Rahman Rahmani to sit in the parliamentary seat this morning, but he had been resolved by the midpoint of the 15-member committee, and it is expected that tomorrow the parliamentary election will The presence of a majority of people’s representatives will be held.

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