Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ahmad Shakib Zahir

Senior Deputy Head of Interior Ministry has posted a message on his Twitter that Kabul security team has taken a serious plans to check the security belts in Kabul. “I visited the Seventh Security Zone of Kabul, as well as the Chahar Assyab district of Kabul, I evaluated police stations, I assure the Kabul people that the security situation in this city improves at a reduced pace and addresses the situation in all Police districts.” General Khushal Sadat wrote on his Twitter that Security problems of Kabul will be resolved in upcoming weeks. ”

General Khushal Sadat also added: “During the visit, I had questions from the police behavior with the people, I looked at all the security zones and checkpoints, and we are taking serious measures to improve the current security situation in Kabul.” However, Kabul has been witnessing deadly attacks by terrorists since the coming of the spring, but the senior deputy head of interior affairs ministry has insists that this year, they will try to the last resort, to prevent terrorist operations and criminal offenses in the capital.

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