Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zabihullah Wafa

Last night, the Taliban launched a massive offensive attack on the area of Zai Hussain’s tribal areas in Dawlatyar District of Ghour province, which resulted in the fall of some of these areas by the Taliban, officials said. “The Taliban captured Zai Hussein’s neighborhoods in the district of Dawlatyar in the province last night and set fire to the council’s building,” Abdulahi Khatibi, Ghour Governor spokesman, said, confirming the incident. The Taliban killed a popular uprising last night and wounded one another. ”

In addition, local officials in Ghour say that as a result of the Taliban’s last day’s attack on Jawajah village in Saghar district of the province, and the Taliban were also able to gain ground and during these clashes, 15 popular uprisings members were killed. Reports from Taiwara district of Ghour also indicate that the Taliban have expanded their area of ​​governance. Recently, however, Taliban movements in Ghour have risen unprecedentedly their attacks, and the group’s fighters organized many assault offensive operations in different parts of the province, making the situation worse for Ghour residents.

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