Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Release of some reports which states that President Ghani has been absent from attending the official meetings of the presidential palace in recent two-day, an issue that has triggered the reaction of Mr. Ghani’s deputy spokesman and spokesman of Chief Executive Office. In the most recent case, Shah Hussein Mortazawi criticized the questions which was raised in social network by users in connection with the absence of the country president, and wrote: “Ten million cyber-users, which make up about one-third of the population of the country, such as the magnitude of behavior and actions Monitor, critique and act on government doings. Every citizen is active as a reporter from different parts of the country and informs about various events.”

Mortazavi’s outburst is more than this, he writes in response to the questions posed by Facebook users: “We are glad that virtual space users are pursuing daily presidential activities so that if even a day’s news and a picture of the president it will not be published, it will be a source of misery and question. After an inauguration ceremony of the National Unity Government, the president has been busy for a few hours in the Amir Bamyan section and has worked on average for 16 hours on other occasions. It is hoped that conscientiousness will become an administrative culture in the country. ”

But in reality, where is president Ghani, and why, in this current sensitive circumstances, he did not appear to have been in front of the media in the last two days, even news or a piece of photograph has not been distributed to media, a question that raised concerns the Social media Networks users and even citizens The country has become more queries and more controversy about Mr. Ghani’s health situation.

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