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How many people are killed by sharks each year? 100,000? 10,000? 1,000? 100? 10? As you can see above, it’s much lower. Only 7 people in the entire world were killed by sharks in 2014.  Yet, how many sharks were killed by people?

A mind-boggling large number it turns out – at least 63 million and possibly as high as 273 million – annually! That’s a between a little over the population of the UK to a little over the population of Indonesia.  Or put another way, even only going with the low estimate of 63 million, it would take sharks 9 million years to kill as many humans as humans kill sharks each year. And modern humans have been around for no more than 2 million years.

Here are 5 animals more likely to kill you than sharks: Cows kill 20 people per year just in the United States. Dogs kill around 30 people per year in the US.  Ants kill up to 50 people each year in Africa. Hippos kill around 2,900 people in Africa. Mosquitoes kill up to 820,000 people per year (800,000 from Malaria and a further 20,000 from Dengue) around the world. This makes them about 117,000X more deadly than sharks. Think about the next time you get bitten.

Why so many sharks are killed each year?

Up to 73 million sharks are killed each year just for their fins to make shark fin soup, a delicacy in China. However, Ex-NBA Star Yao Ming is leading a campaign in China to ban shark fin soup. So far it seems to be working with a reported 91% of people in China now favoring the ban. Remaining sharks are mostly killed either as a byproduct of other commercial fishing activity or for tourism related reasons (jewelers, souvenirs and keeping beaches shark-free so people feel like swimming).

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