Pasbanan- Kabul:

A night before, Ms. Shahla Haq, Secretary of Independent Elections Commission of Afghanistan (IEC), resigned from her position in IEC. Now, Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of National Unity government has shown his complaint in ministerial council’s meeting, saying that: no one can pressurize Independent Elections Commission. Mr. Abdullah ha also claimed that while some election commissioners were opposing to label sticker in NID Card’s copies, some circles from the Presidential palace has warned all commissioners that if they don’t agree with this issue, they must resign from their posts.

At the same time, Haroon Chakhansori Spokesman for the President says: Independent Elections Commission is an Independent institution; neither someone nor a group can interfere their procedures and process. Chakhansori while stating at a press conference, said: no one can interfere in the work process of Election Commissions. The commission is accountable for law and we respect the independence of this organization.

At the same time labeling stickers in the back of NID card’s copies, has raised reactions of election observing organizations. According to Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan, this procedure (Labelling stickers in the back of NID Card’s Copies), will provide the platform for fraud in the upcoming election. Meanwhile, Presidential Palace of Afghanistan claims that this procedure was undertaken to deterge public concerns.


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