Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

“With respect to all presidential candidates, the presidential palace of Afghanistan has said that the government is the sole point of reference for the interpretation of the law, the Supreme Court of Afghanistan and no one can interpret the law, and so on. Therefore, parties and political figures or individual cannot interpret the law to their own will. ”

Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri spokesman of Afghanistan presidential palace, has written on his Facebook page: “Any other arrangement, the so-called caretaker government is against the constitution and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan laws, and the mechanisms offered by a number of candidates have no legal basis, with this All the currents presidential candidates can protest in accordance with the law of the communities and the right to demonstrate civil rights, which is provided and also these protests should be held in accordance with the law.”

In the plan that the Electoral Council had deposited to the presidential palace, there were two options for the president, in the first place he had to resign from his nomination for the upcoming presidential election; otherwise, the head of government should be created as a caretaker government.

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