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Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

According to a recent poll, nearly half of British university students have been sexually abused. Half of the students, accounting for about 49 percent of the students, are sexually abusive, while only 5 percent of the victims’ report to the police. The results of the poll show that only one-fourth of the victims of sexually abducted students have reported dare to report to the police, which are reporting a massive spread of sexual violence in universities in the United Kingdom. According to Scott News, in 2018, 20 percent of all sexually abusive victims have been referred to the police, and respondents said that 30 percent of the assault occurred on campus and 53 percent of the victims were drug traffickers.

The latest estimates in the UK are disappointing with the fact that 12,000 raped and 72,000 male victims every year are sexually abusive. Reporting shows that sexual crimes in the last decade in the UK have tripled Once over a year’s work, the British government has ratified new laws. While the supporters of sexual violence have been skeptical about the law, they say that these changes may discourage students and academics from reporting such crimes. In the aftermath of Harry & Investee’s sex scandal, a prominent Hollywood director and Starting the campaign seems to be that students tend to report sexual harassment on campus has increased.

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