Pasbanan- Kabul:

On Thursday, The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Rebuilding (SIGAR) reported that the United States has wasted billions of dollars to stabilize Afghanistan’s insecure areas between 2001 and 2017. According to report, the United States had unrealistic expectations after US presence in Afghanistan and were exasperated for rebuilding and reforming Afghanistan; where these expectations led the US to be under pressure in Afghanistan’s insecure regions. SIGAR added that Afghanistan was not ready to attain the major amount of money which led to significant wastage of dollars in Afghanistan.

According to the report, SIGAR reclaims that this effort resulted in corruption in Afghanistan and the outcome of these projects only profited some political, ethnic, and influential folks. SIGAR states that lack of familiarity and deficiency of knowledge with local, political and social institutions of Afghanistan has failed to bring US projects impactful.

For rectifying the mentioned actions of US in Afghanistan, SIGAR recommends that the US Department of State should be responsible to create Stability Strategy and USAID has to be the implementer of the mentioned strategy in Afghanistan.

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