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After release of three American prisoners, a US official has reclaimed that; Singapore will be suitable place for US President, Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meeting. Trump reclaimed to meet Kim on early Thursday, this meeting was scheduled when Pyongyang, freed three American prisoners and Kim met The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. This release came as a turning point signal in Kim’s actions; such as, Kim’s suspension of missile tests and shutting a nuclear bomb test site which also presented his interest towards attending the summit.

Just a day after his stands, to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, which also drew heavy criticism from European allies and others; the release of three prisoners have granted chance for Trump to get a diplomatic achievement. Trump, who had shown interest towards Singapore and calling it “Demilitarized” country has claimed that, date, venue and details of the mentioned meeting will be announced within 72 hours.

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