Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in connection with electoral fraud, Police forces in charge of elections security have been able to arrest 60 people in various provinces of the country. “On the second day of the election, 253 centers were active in 21 provinces of the country, and Police still had no reports of any terrorist threats except two cases which are attacks on security forces, not election centers,” Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said at a media briefing.

The interior ministry also insists that no one can interfere in the electoral process, and police were able to detain a number of security officials in the provinces who wanted to interfere in the two days of the election in various provinces. In addition, meanwhile some powerful people were also attempting to intervene in the electoral process, in some of the provinces and they were able to register these cases. According to Mr. Danish intervention by powerful people in the Qarabagh district of Kabul where the last issue that has been recorded.

The MOI also emphasizes that the identity of the detainees who sought to exercise influence in the election process would be interrogating them will be public after investigating cases and the decision of courts. Meanwhile, the IEC has announced that there were more than 400 voting centers across the country, and the electoral process began at these centers on Sunday morning and it will be followed up to 8 pm.

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