Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

While the Taliban in their Eid message of group leader ship has denied to a cease-fire, and have wrote quoting the group’s leadership, that the battle in Afghanistan will continue in Eid days as well, in the latest case, the spokesman for the Taliban’s Political office in Qatar, told media that the group might have the will for long term cease-fire and probably they will have a permanent ceasefire, but this ceasefire will have some pre-condition. Sohail Shahin said: “The permanent ceasefire is not a common issue to achieve it in a short time, the Taliban want a permanent ceasefire, when foreign forces leave the country and the occupation ends, after which we will sit with other political parties in the country and we will decide on the future of the country.”

These statements come as the Taliban announced some days ago, that they will continue fighting in the days of Eid. These reports are being released while the Taliban Negotiation Delegation Head in Qatar said that at present the group has control of Afghanistan’s 70 percent geography, so they are never ready to sit down with the Afghan government. Or ask the government for giving offices inside the country.

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