Pasbanan- Kabul:

Afghan ambassador in Kabul says: Afghanistan security forces has gained high level achievements in war against international terrorists. Hamdullah Mohib raised this issue in opening ceremony of Program Management Review (PMR) for Afghan Defense and interior ministry generals. He added: the international community must support afghan government in fight against terrorism.

Mr. Mohib said in this meeting: “reforms in Afghan defense ministry has increased the capacity of Afghan security forces and this issue has caused the efficiency of Afghan security forces in ground zero to tackle terrorists. War against terrorism in Afghansitan is a collective war for all of us so for beating terror and their networks we must increase the capacity of these force to target terrorists and their safe havens.”

In this meeting Afghan Air force commander emphasized on improvement of security forces, he also added that in this year afghan Air force has gained so many achievements. Shoaib Salarzay said: “Afghan security forces were able that retake most of the areas which Taliban were controlling them, our Air force has improved so well, currently our 300 pilots are getting professional training in Afghanistan, America and other partner countries. While these officers will join Air force we will be empowered very much in war against terrorism.”

At the same time, US officials are so impressed by achievements of Afghanistan security forces in war against terrorism. It is worth to say that at the end of this seminar afghan military officers will review the equipping system of Afghan forces equipment’s and logistics with US officials.


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