Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Local authorities in Baghlan announced the construction of a 50-bed hospital in the near future in the province.

Baghlan, is one of the insecure provinces in the north-east of Afghanistan, and it required to build a military hospital for the security forces, Baghlan governor said. At present, efforts are being made to build this 50-bed military hospital in Baghlan. And we hope that the construction works of this hospital will be started as soon as possible. ”

Meanwhile, public health directorate officials in Baghlan say: “The hospital will have 50 military bases in Baghlan province at the same time it would be capable of providing services to security forces and civilians, while the hospitals in this province will be able to provide health services to the military and non-combatants. The military does not have the same time.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Abdul Halim Ghaffari, the deputy head of the Public Health Department in Baghlan, said in a conversation with Pasbanan News Agency: “Civilian Hospitals in Baghlan have fewer supplies and fewer hospital facilities. We expect that with the construction of this hospital, we will be able to achieve good health facilities in the health sector and to solve the health problems of civilians and military personnel in Baghlan. “

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