Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

The High Peace Council has announced that the soon this institution will be integrated with the government ministry in peace affairs which was launched yesterday according to the president Ghani’s decree. Ataullah Lodin, a member of the High Peace Council of the country, has said contact to the media that this process will be done in order to address the gaps and shortcomings of the High Peace Council. Mr. Lodin says: “These two offices are not different, but the two agencies are aligned, coordinated and prosecuted with a position in the field of peace, and they are pursuing their talks in the peace process.”

That said, a day ago, President Ghani set up the Ministry of Peace Affairs, and Abdul Salam Rahimi, the former head of president’s chief of staff office was appointed for the management of this new ministry. This is despite reports that Mr. Salam had secretly met with Mullah Bradar, leader of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, but all these reports were rejected by the Presidential Palace.

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