Pasbanan- Kabul

Jahangir Anwari

The process of holding elections for sports federations at Department of Physical Education and Sports began today. National Judo Federation elections were the first voting program for this trend. In order to obtain the seat of the National Judo Federation, Zakaria Asadi, Zabihullah Nazari, Sayed Asif Hosseini, Tafsir Seyapor and Baz Mohammad were had nominated. In the end, Zakaria Asadi, who previously held the seat of the National Judo Federation, was elected to this federation for next four years by obtaining 9 votes in total from 16 votes.

The leaders of the Physical Education Directorate and National Olympic Committee also called for federations to benchmark sports and to regulate sports federations in the country. Election of federation chiefs will continue until the completion of all sports federations in the country, according to officials, institutionalize this process will also have a positive effect on the elections of the National Olympic Committee head.


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