Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ferdowsi Rasouli

Election Commission without addressing legal-technical demands, stability, convergence, and other electoral fraud related to widespread and systematic fraud, contrary to explicit provisions of law, election procedures and bills, and prior to the resolution of more than 7,000 invalid ballots, The announcement of the preliminary outcome of the presidential election was announced.

Stability and convergence with respect to the Electoral Code and honoring the Compliance Commission’s obligations, while maintaining its legal demands and objections, allowed the recount of seven provinces and also participated in the recount process. But the Election Commission continued its illegal and biased approach, without regard to popular protests and the goodwill of stability and convergence, and declared the numbers as the primary outcome of the election, without clear polls being cleared.

We would like to make it clear once again to our dear citizens, supporters of stability and convergence, the election commissions and the international allies of Afghanistan that stability and convergence will never accept the result of rigging without addressing the legitimate demands and demands of this process. We have repeatedly pledged our people’s support and participation in leadership meetings, press conferences, media outlets, and street protests, using all legal means to defend the clean vote of the people and never accepting fraudulent government. We assure the people of Afghanistan that we are committed to our cause and that the falsified result declared by the Commission is not legitimate without the filing of foul votes.

Stability and Convergence Based on the Electoral Complaints Commission’s commitments at a joint meeting with representatives of candidates, political parties and civil society organizations, it hopes to address the complaints and legal requirements of the HQ and other election committees in accordance with the law, procedures, and bills. Stability and convergence guarantee the right of the Afghan people to defend their rights through all legal means.

We assure the noble and faithful people of Afghanistan and their supporters of stability and convergence that we will safeguard them with all their might and strength. Stability and Convergence leadership will soon share a news conference with the Afghan people on the details of their stance and future decisions.

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