Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

While the Taliban formally claim to be victorious in fighting Afghan forces and emphasize that they currently control 70 percent of Afghanistan’s geography, the NATO Secretary General now says that the organization will work with the security and defense forces Afghanistan continues to provide financial assistance to enable the Taliban to engage in dialogue with the Afghan government. “It is difficult to overstate the political significance of the demonstration of a long-term commitment by the international community to Afghanistan’s security and how much this commitment is influencing the Taliban’s considerations to enter into a discussion on a negotiated solution to the conflict in Afghanistan”

Mr. Stoltenberg further adds: “the Afghan National Army Trust Fund plays an important part in linking this international commitment with worthwhile projects that improve the capabilities of the Afghan forces and help to keep them in the fight, is evidence of strong and continued commitment to the financial support of the Afghan security forces, improving chances for a negotiated solution to the conflict and for peace that all Afghans demand.”

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