Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Just 45 days ago, the poor quality of the telecommunications services and clear theft of the ATRA Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, filled the patient’s visitor’s bowel in 34 provinces of Afghanistan. These users were expecting that the Ministry of Communications will address these challenges, they launched a social media campaign with the hashtag “#where is ATRA” And urged the ATRA respond to this issue, but the answer is that it’s up to now, ATRA has disappeared so much with the magnifying glass Also, finding them seem more difficult to citizens who already foreseen this institution.

This time, the regulators of this social media Campaign has begun a Twitter hashtag campaign called “#Where is ATRA?” and it seems that they are willing to raise their protest this time on Twitter. Managers of the campaign on social networks with the publication of the newsletter once again warned the ATRA office and added: “respected people on Facebook, I want to repeat that tomorrow “Sunday” we will launch a new wave of storm against the fraud of telecommunication networks, you must remember Today you broke ATRA vigilant silence, with your broad support for the campaign, we believe you will also be able to break the silence of the Presidential Palace and the Spider Palace on this issue. Join and share. From now on, tell everyone! Storm over the hump, right hurricane. “#Where is ATRA?”

The protests, while communicating with social networks, announced the minister said a month ago, the quality of Internet services will improve and prices will be reduced, but after about a month, there is no clue as to the fulfillment of the minister’s obligations. Contacts are not available.

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