Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

By: Malek Sitez

Putin annually assigns a day to a national and media conference with Russian citizens. The key Russian media connects this vast land with a huge studio and connects media bridges from all Russian cities and autonomous republics to this big country.

Putin today responded four hours and eight minutes to eighty-one questions from Russian citizens. Those who know Russian can follow Putin’s footsteps on YouTube. Honestly, if you see this program, you will know everything from Russia’s domestic and foreign policy to international issues, you will be aware of the situation in the world, especially in our region, the Middle East and the West. Very interesting questions were asked from him and Putin’s answers are also very reasonable. Every person would be astonished by Putin’s memory and his political remembrance, social and cultural situation and so far other issues that he emerges himself with such issues. He not only responds and answers, but also brings figures, facts and historical and ancient information that attracts every viewer.

For my perspective, who is a political analyst, this meeting was very informative and I follow it carefully. One of the questions raised to Mr. Putin was: “Mr. Putin, did you sometimes shy away from your work? Putin answers with a sorrowful throat: “I’ve been ashamed for my work many times. But I’m ashamed of an accident so far. Years after two thousand I just came to the leadership of Russia. Russia’s situation was very unpopular, one night I was visiting a place. The dark air and I were wandering and distracted. Suddenly, an old and elderly lady came to me and urged for some help, she was asking for support from me. She kneeled and said Vladimir Vladimirovich help me out. I took my note and handed it to my assistants. Later, when I wanted to solve with the difficulty of the elderly lady, the note was lost. I am so embarrassed and until now I am uncomfortable so far with this incident.

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