Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

A number of members of the House of Representatives have argued that tensions among members of parliament overwhelmingly violate violence against the illegitimate selection of Mir Rahman Rahmani as the speaker of Parliament. Representatives of the people in Parliament claims that a number of members have been involved and that the parliamentary atmosphere has been completely violent. On Sunday morning, after Mir Rahman Rahmani was willing to set on Parliament chair to act as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a number of parliamentarians, who were a large number of them women, prevented him from sitting and stressed that the election was not legitimate yesterday because the majority of votes was not gained by Mr. Rahmani.

Mir Rahman Rahmani is a representative of the people of Parwan in the Parliament, he is one of the country’s most enterprising businessmen, and has served as a member of this institution in the 16th round of parliament as well. Meanwhile, a Taliban spokesman did not consider Mir-Rahman Rahmani deserving of this seat, and insisted that he did not have enough education.

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