Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Mujeb Rahimi Chief executive office spokesman has congratulate section of Mir Rahman Rahmani as Speaker of House of Representatives and has reacted on the tensions created in accordance to the following parliament elections he has said: “The vote of the representatives in the first stage and today after what happened in the following weeks was a clear message to the ethnocrats, bullying, and totalitarianism, and Fanatics. Yesterday and today, representatives has shown a change in transformation in Afghanistan and they had announced that the ethnic manic marketplace, the fanaticism, and bullying of any faction and the group it is facing and there is no buyer, and a new stage of policy based on rationality and decision based on the country’s great interests. Has begun. ”

Mr. Rahimi also wrote: “I congratulate this victory on Mr. Rahmani, the Parliament members who strive to achieve justice and equality and congratulate the citizens of Afghanistan who are struggling for the sake of democracy, human rights, equality, and human values. Mr. Wardak’s brave action is also in favor of the results and I wish him good luck. ”

Mr. Rahimi has expressed hope that today, the parliamentarians will start a new chapter and implement their duties on the basis of unity, fraternity and in order to secure the interests of the country. Today Mir Rahman Rahmani was selected as House of Representatives speaker, after holding four rounds of voting, and he was elected for the second time with achieving 134 votes and become the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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