Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

While increase in civilian casualties in the country is attributed more to the Taliban assaults, in the most recent case the group has released a newsletter alleging that the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy has met with Mullah Bradar, the deputy director of the Taliban in Qatar. According to Taliban newsletter: “Tadamichi Yamamato met with Mullah Bradar, Taliban deputy and Qatari political office members, after lunch on Thursday. The vice president of the Taliban called for the impartiality of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan to be maintained and emphasized that all parties should stand by this principle.”

Taliban newsletter has continued to state: “during this meeting both sides have discussed the peace process as well as the progress made in this issue. Additionally, Tadamichi Yamamato has said that during the recent Taliban violence they have been trying to prevent civilian casualties and it is a better sign for the Afghanistan citizens. The UNAMA official has continued to state that UNAMA work with further impartiality and will continue to expand its relations with the Taliban’s political office in Qatar. ”

The talks are being conducted while the Taliban have increased their group attacks in most parts of the country. Meanwhile, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan has not yet addressed any statement on this visit. The visit will be held when the Afghan government will hold a consultative Loya Jirga with participation of 3000 delegates from across the country in Kabul to determine the main lines of talks with the Taliban in upcoming few days.

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