Pasbanan- Kabul:

Jahangir Anwari

In past 17 years, for the first time in Afghanistan’s Taekwondo history, the national team will feed nutrition for a year after training. The national taekwondo players are rewarding nutrition after exercise to raise their physical strength and their powerful appearance on outskirts of the field against opponents.

Meanwhile, heads of the Physical Education Directorate and the National Olympic Committee said Nutrition support for Taekwondo players will increase their further achievements in outbound competition, an effective and unprecedented step, and calls on all private institutions of the country to support national Taekwondo team.

The Taekwondo Federation is considered one of the most popular sports federations in Afghanistan by winning two Olympic medals from the 2008 Beijing Olympics in china and 2012 London Olympic games by Rohullah Naikpa. According to authorities, the elections will also be held shortly after the Taekwondo Federation presidency.


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