Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

A spokesman for the Junbish Meli Party (JMP) has written on his Facebook page that president Ghani trip to Faryab was without any result. Bashir Ahmad Tayanj the spokesman of Junbish Meli Party and a close member of the General Abdul Rashid party, has announced that the president has made a demonstration visit to Faryab and that all projects that have already been inaugurated in this province have been re-inaugurated. Bashir Ahmad Taeyang also said that these projects had received funding from the House of Representatives a few years earlier.

The spokesman for the National Movement Party and the close figure to the vice president stressed that the trip did not meet the needs of Faryab People, and if the government believes in justice and democracy, it should respond to these issues. At the time, the government said at least the president has gained 12 achievements during his trip to Faryab, it is also stated that President Ghani, has opened several infrastructure projects in the province and also appointed a Faryab influential as the deputy head of Interior ministry.

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