Reporter: Shaker Sangi

At the request of Afghanistan, Tajikistan opened its common border to traffic cars and pedestrians on traffic. The Tajik National Security Committee told media that the road bridge and pedestrian bridge over the river Five, which links the Shamseddin area to Tajikistan to northern Afghanistan, opened traffic at the end of last week.

The bridge, constructed with the help of the European Union, has a length of 180 meters and was closed unilaterally by Tajikistan in August last year.

Sources at the Tajik National Security Committee have told media that the bridge of cars and pedestrians on the river 5, which connects the Shamsuddin area of Tajikistan to northern Afghanistan, has been opened to traffic on the side of Afghanistan at the end of last week.

This was while the bridge was closed about six months ago due to the activation of Taliban and drug traffickers on the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

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