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Security officials in Takhar said: Taliban have built Omar’s township to build large bases and secure their incomes. They said: if government allows them they will destroy the township. The construction work of Omari Township began a year ago in Takhar, and more than 500 shops are currently being built by the Taliban in the town. Although the local government in Takhar claims to have defeated Taliban in the face-to-face battle, but still the group has increased their activities in this province more than before, in Large scale and now day’s they are will equipped. Takhar reconnaissance and intelligence agencies say that Taliban have built Omar’s township with affirms of Pakistan to build stable bases and secured wartime expenditures.

“The town was built by the Taliban in Takhar on the basis of Pakistani military forces order, the basic purpose of which was to increase the Taliban’s war revenue,” said Takhar National Directorate Security Chief Mohammad Sediq Golestan. The key points of the city are distributed between provincial governors, district chiefs, security chiefs and other high-ranking Taliban officials; even there were some verbal tensions between them, on distributing these locations. The city is going to be made up on 400 acres of state-owned land, and all of its stockholders and buyers are Taliban group members.

Taliban have announced that any person joining them will be awarded a ground score. At the moment, the Taliban distributed more than 300 shops to their members in the city; each of these shops has been priced from 100,000 to 300,000 Afghanis. Whereas the local government and commander of the Twenty Pamir sect reclaim that, if the government allows them, they would eliminate the construction of the Taliban.

Taliban have warned the shops’ owners that they have to pay twenty thousand fine if they do not complete their construction soon. However this township is near to Khwaja Bahawodin- Darqad- Yangi Qaleh governorate but they have not taken any action in the past few years and yet to stop their construction.

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