Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

The National Directorate of security has written in a newsletter that their special forces were able to arrest the acting shadow governer for Kalakan district of Kabul. According to a news release which was released by National Directorate of Security, this Taliban official was arrested with his three colleges in Kabul PD 8 during and special operation.

In the newsletter, the identity of the arrested people are stated as, Sardar Mohammed, known as “Mullah Sardar”, the shadow district chief for Kalakan district of Kabul, Shirpadshah, Malik and Hasibullah from the 8 district of Kabul. However, these people were responsible for collective Terrorist activities and they were ordered by the Taliban group to launch, panic attacks, on Bagram airfield, roadblocks, people harassment and they were committing crimes in the area.

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