Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Afghanistan National Directorate of Security has stated that their special forces were able to discover a cache of ammunitions from Taliban group in Kandahar which was proposed to be used in increasing violence in Kandahar and all of these ammunitions were seized in a mosque. According to the newsletter of NDS: “during a special operation of NDS special forces they were able to seize a cache of ammunition, these equipments were seized on the bases of intelligence report, all these equipments were placed in a mosque in rural area of Daman district of Kandahar by the Mullah Imam of the mosque and one of his colleges, both of the suspects were arrested during this operation.”

Reports indicate that this warehouse was too important for the Taliban insurgents. From the mosque’s  Mohammed Mullah Imam and the famous Nur Ahmad mosque, during this operations Afghan special forces were able to seize, 30 mortar rounds, 12 mines, 150 Czech gunpowder and light, and heavy loads weapons have been seized by the national directorate of security forces.

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