Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

The Taliban group, which owns more than 90 percent of Bourka district territory of Baghlan province, now they have increased the amount of gathering and distribution of Zakat on the residents of the district. A local source, who does not want to be named, tells Pasbanan Media Group News Agency that the agricultural crop in the district has increased over this year, which has led to a rise in the amount of Usher and Zakat by Taliban’s group.

The source continues to emphasize that the villages of Chapa and Kaal, which are under the Afghan Local Police, they are also collecting usher and Zakat from the local people. In addition, it is said that there are also commanders involved in this task, which are collaborating with the security forces and the government, and they collect usher and Zakat by force from the people.

Meanwhile, another local source says that a commander of the Islamic Party, Mullah Amir, who runs the village of Sharshar in Bourka district of Baghlan, is gathering usher and Zakat from the people of the village. According to these sources, nearly 95% of the territory of the Baghlan Bourka district is under the Taliban’s administration, and only the New and old Buildings of the district is controlled by the local forces along with the villages of Chapa and Kaal and the rest of the district territory is under the administration of Taliban fighters.

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